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Lost Keys | Manchester

"Very quick service. Had my Ford Focus car keys ready in 40 mins. Unbelivable"

Mr. Fred | Stockport

Broken Keys In Ignition

"Some how managed to break my only car key in the ignition. Called the locksmith. He sorted the car keys in no time"

Hasan, Cheetham Hill

Spare Car Keys, Oldham

"Made me a spare Vauxhall Astra remote key at very good price. Cheaper then few other auto locksmiths I rang."

Mark, Oldham


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Vehicle Entry
Car Keys Made Onsite
Spare Keys Onsite
Lost/ Stolen Car Keys
Broken Car Keys
Car Key Duplication
Water Damaged To Remote Keys
Car Keys Locked
Broken Car key or Fob Key Replacement
Broken Damaged Fob Key Replacement
Keys Coded to ECU
Old Lost Stolen Keys Deleted From ECU
Immobiliser Coding Reprogramming
Fob Key Coding Reprogramming
Your Questions

1. I have lost my car keys? Can you help me?
Here at Master Autolocks we offer the best possbile services for lost car keys for most of the cars on the road today. So depending on the make and the model of the vehicle we will be able to provide you with a new set of car keys which will oprate the locks and will allow you to start the car again.

2. How much does it cost?
It all depends on the service you require. Our auto locksmiths services do vary in price for expamle a replacemnt for lost car keys will cost more comapre to a spare car key. To get a better idea of the prices and service please ring 07598 895339 for a free no obligation quote. Rest assured our prices are extermly compativte.

3. If I have lost my car keys. How will it work and what are the cost involved?
If you have lost your car keys and need our assistance, our mobile locksmith can come out to you at a pre-arranged time and location and make you a new set of car keys which enables you to enter the car and start it. Becuase of tranponder technoly used in the moderns differs from manufacture to manutacturer, hence the price of a lost car key can also vary dending on make/model of the vehicle. When you contact us we will try to get as much information as possible from you about the car. Based on this information we will quote a price for the replacment car key with no hidden extras. To help you understand bette how the process works, here is the beakdown of the typlical process involved in case of lost car keys.
the phone call: When we receive a call on 07598 895339 a customer who has lost the car keys. Our trained and friendly locksmith will take all the nessary information such as make, model, year of registration and location of the car.
the quote: Based on this information you will be quoted a price for job. If it is accepted then you will be allocated a time slot which will suite you best. At this point you will be advised to have the nessary paper work such as proof of ownship ready for the auto locksmith when he arrives.
the arrival: Our auto locksmith will arrive on pre-arranged time and location in a fully eqiupped van. After checking the nessary paper work he will start work on gaining the entery to the car. All out auto locksmith use no-diestructive entery techniquies so rest arrused your car will not be damaged.
new key: Once the entery has been gained into the car, he will make a new key for the car which will oprate you door locks and ignition (depending on pre arragned agreement you will either get a machinal car key or a remote car key).
key programming: At this point this new cut car key will only work in the door locks and ignition (depending on make and model and year of registration). If it is a modern car then it will be equipped with a transponder chip. By using specialist car key programming eqipemnt our techincian will program the transponder to the car immobiloser syetem. Where possible he will also erease the lost or stolen car keys from the vehicle moemory preventing them to start the car. Once the new car key has been programmed, it will start the car as normal. We must stress at this point the all of the car security features will remain uneffected and work as normal. Our auto locksmith only leaves once the customer has checked the new working keys and is happy with our service.

4. What vehicles are covered for auto locksmith services?
We cover most of the cars on the road today. Here is the most common vehicles we work on day-to-day basis where thecar keys have been lost: Audi, Ford, Fiat, Honda, Lexus, Nissan, Peugeot, Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Toyota, Citroen, Kia, Renults, Seat, Skoda. If you cannot see your vehicle don't worry it will be covered. For more details see our coverage section.

5. What area do you currently cover?
We are very flexible in our services and areas we cover. We provide lost car keys replacement in and arround whole of Greater Manchester. For more details see our coverage section.

Lost or Broken Car Keys Manchester

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These towns by no means are the limits of our coverage. From Manchester we cover approx 50 mile radius.

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